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Tuned Transom®

Tuned Transom® short circuits vibrational energy imparted into transoms by outdrives and outboard motors.

Tuned Absorber®

Tuned Absorber® is a light weight and rigid self supporting panel engineered to optimize airflow resistance, absorption and sound transmission properties.

Tuned interlayer®

Tuned Interlayer® is a lightweight veil for damping structure borne sound. Most often incorporated into fiberglass, FRP and carbon fiber during the layup or infusion processes.


Sharklet® is the world’s first technology to inhibit bacterial growth and exhibit antimicrobial properties through pattern alone. Inspired by nature, Sharlet® micropatterns contain no toxic additives or chemicals, and use no antibiotics.


A versatile, lightweight easy to install, damping interlayer for use in Sheetrock sub floors and building wrap.

Advantage Armor®

Forward thinking ballistic solutions for architectural, vehicular and personal armor applications. Advantage Armor provides elegant protective solutions for threats against a wide array of high risk and soft targets.




Tuned Absorber®​

Tuned Absorber® is a self supporting panel acoustically  engineered to optimize airflow resistance and broad band absorption through modulation of surface
micro-perferation and un-tuned in space.  Available in a variety of materials and finishes, Tuned Absorber® is most often implemented acoustically  in  architectural, transportation and as noise barrier systems.  Moreover, Properties inherent in specified materials (especially high advantage metals)
will propagate throughout the system (ie. thermal shielding, electrical shielding..ect). Light weight Panels constructed utilizing specific
geometries as a core  are ideal for unframed acoustical enclosures.

When implemented in combination with
Tuned Transom®, Tuned Interlayer® and Quitvek®, Tuned Absorber® offers a level of sound quality and environmental comfort otherwise achievable only by
very heavy installations of traditional acoustical materials.




Tuned Interlayer

constrained layer damping for fiberglass and carbon fiber construction

Tuned Interlayer® is a light weight, self contained,
viscoelastic layer designed to reduce sound radiation
and improve transmission loss. Most often incorporated
into Fiberglass and FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced
Polymers), Tuned Interlayer®  is optimized to raise the typical panel’s loss factor between 5X and 10X over a
wide frequency range, typically improving transmission
loss by 7 – 10 dB. Additionally, engine room bulkhead
walls engineered with Tuned Interlayer® show a typical improvement of between 5 and 15 dB at 125Hz to 4KHz.

Tuned Interlayer®, when used in combination with a
Tuned Transom® and Tuned Absorber®, offers a level of
sound quality and comfort otherwise achievable only by
very heavy installations of standard acoustical materials.


QuitVek in 6" Wall Construction

Exceptional Damping Performance

Quietvek® is a lightweight viscoelastic layer designed to increase Transmission Loss and reduce structure borne vibration from
impacts (IIC) or high levels of airborne acoustical input.
In architectural applications it is most utilized between congruent faces of sheetrock in walls and in sub floors. Incorporating Quietvek® in standard wall constructions eliminates the  sound transmission at the coincidence frequency region and has shown a  >10x reduction in peak vibration levels.

When implemented in combination with
Tuned Absorber®, QuietVek® offers a level of
sound quality and environmental comfort otherwise achievable only by
very heavy installations of traditional acoustical materials.

QuitVek in 6" Wall Construction

Tuned Transom

Tune Your Transom. Stop NVH at the Source.

Excessive noise has an influence on both humans physiological and psychological  health. In particular the ear and organs of the central nervous system are effected. These combined harmful effects are proven to reduce mental efficiency, interfere with communication, decrease user enjoyment and have a significantly negative impact on long term health.

Tuned Transom offers a quieter and smoother ride. Borrowing vibration-abating technology from space craft and jet engines, the Tuned Transom short-circuits energy at the source to dampen excessive noise and vibration.

Offered in configurations for new boats and retrofitting transoms. A Tuned Transom has been shown particularly effective in boats using stern drives,  outboard or  inboard propulsion. Vessels utilizing Tuned Transom’s technology have shown a 9 – 17 dB improvement vs. competing boats in the same class and a 5x to 10x increase in loss factor over a wide range.


To Help Protect

Through use of leading ballistic & acoustical technologies; Advantage Armor designs, manufactures and distributes ballistic solutions for architectural, vehicular and personal armor applications.

We exist to provide forward thinking ballistic solutions, allowing for a hardening of the millions of soft targets Americans inhabit daily; and that in our pursuit, we may create a more equitable distribution of protection in the face of those that would do harm.

Architectural Armor
Artful Armor
Armored Bag Inserts
Vehicle Armor

Sharklet is the world’s first technology to inhibit bacterial growth through pattern alone.

The structure of the pattern alone inhibits pathogens from attaching, colonizing, and forming biofilms.

Sharklet’s low surface energy forces pathogens to have limited interaction, dramatically reducing touch transfer up to 95%.

– no toxic additives or chemicals, antibiotics or antimicrobial.

– Will not lead to resistant strains

– Significant reductions against influenza and corona 
  • Inspired by Shark Skin
  • Controls Germs
  • Improves Fluid Movement
A Platform Technology

Sharklet Can Be Implemented Into  a Variety of Manufacturing Processes

  • Injection Molded Products
  • Thermal Embossed Plastics
  • Compression Molded Elastomers
  • Coated Fabrics
  • Laminates
  • Licensing Relationships
  • Joint Development
  • Manufacturing Relationships
  • Inspired by Shark Skin
  • Controls Germs
  • Improves Fluid Movement
Custom Applications
  • Molded Products
  • Cast Fabrics
  • Surface Applications
  • Licensing Relationships
  • Joint Development
  • Manufacturing Relationships

The Sharklet Micropattern

The primary Sharklet micropattern is very small – about 3 microns tall and 2 microns wide. You cannot see the micropattern with the naked eye and you can’t feel it with your finger, but it’s there, protecting the surface against bacteria and other microorganisms.

There are many variations of the Sharklet pattern that we make. Positive patterns protrude from the surface, and inverse pattern are recessed into the surface of the material. We can also modify the dimensions of the pattern depending on the application. Wider patterns have increased optical clarity due to less diffraction of light. These wider patterns are useful for applications where Sharklet will be covering something that needs to be observed, like a phone screen or a computer monitor in a hospital.

The positive Sharklet micropattern. This specific shape – uniform widths, diamond pattern, shared small feature – are all contributors to Sharklet’s antimicrobial properties

Omni Products Inc.

Established in 1978, Omni Products Incorporated is dedicated to technologies that protect people and improve the systems and environments that they interact with.
In addition to our diverse product offerings; Omni Products Incorporated serves as a conduit connecting organizations with state-of-the-art technology to original equipment manufacturers and new product development teams.
Our innovative technologies and broad array of products allow us to tune systems and their parts to achieve the desired result.

/ Acoustical Consulting

sound is a key design component for any space

We understand the complexities of noise & vibration, and the profound effects they have on the nature of our experiences. Serving a wide variety of markets, Omni Products specializes in developing creative and comprehensive noise control and acoustical solutions.

For 42 years Omni Products has provided innovative products, friendly customer service and competitive pricing. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Architectural Acoustics

Mechanical Systems

Automotive / Rail

Environmental Noise

Industrial Noise Control

Vibration Analysis & Mitigation

Project Testing

Comprehensive Sound Surveys

Environmental Noise Mitigation Noise Barrier Analysis

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